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Advantages and Discounts

Repair Envelopes

Complete with detachable coupon, designed to meet all the needs of the retail jeweller; available printed in two colors (green and blue) at a very attractive price.

You can obtain the cost of these envelopes at the Corporation.

Specialized Products

The following products are offered at a very reasonable price:

Guide for assessment of jewellery,

  • Appraisal certificates,
  • Forms for ear piercing
  • (renunciation of liability for ear piercing),
  • Index cards for watch repair,
  • Non-printed Kraft envelopes (3.5 in X 6 in)

Discounts on credit cards

Carte Visa Desjardins with Desjardins terminal: 1.69%
( Terminal rental extra )

VISA other than Desjardins: 1,88 %
MASTERCARD with Desjardins terminal: 2,08 %
( Terminal rental extra )

Debit card (interac) : 0,57 $

To take advantage of this special rate, contact Danny Beauchamp at 1 888 817-8593 ext. 1105.

Long Distance Discounts

The Corporation negociated for its members very advantageous rates on long distance calls

Health Insurance

The Corporation offers a complete health and invalidity program including travel insurance at competitive rates.

Canada Post

We have negotiated with Canada Post very advantageous rates for Priority Post, XpressPost and MediaPost.
See current rates

Preferential rates with FedEx

Enjoy up to 55% off your FedEx Express shipments.

As a member of the Corporation des Bijoutiers du Québec, you are eligible for discounts on select FedEx shipping services. For complete details and to sign up, visit fedex.ca/qjc.

A FedEx account number is required. To open a FedEx account, go to fedex.ca or call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.


La C.B.Q. a conclu une entente avec le Groupe Hospitalité pour offrir à tous ses membres des tarifs préférentiels dans la chaîne d’Hôtels Comfort Inn et Quality Inn dont la liste est jointe.

Consultez la liste des hôtels:

Nom Adresse Tarifs Téléphone
Comfort Inn Alma 870 avenue du Pont sud, Alma, G8B 2V8 99$ 418-668-9221
Comfort Inn Baie-Comeau 745 boulevard Laflèche, Baie-Comeau, G5C 1C6 99$ 418-589-8252
Comfort Inn Chicoutimi 1595 boulevard Talbot, Chicoutimi, G7H 4C3 99$ 418-693-8686
Comfort Inn Drummondville 1055 rue Hains, Drummondville, J2C 6G6 99$ 819-477-4000
Comfort Inn Gatineau 630 boul La Gappe, Gatineau, J8T 9Z6 99$ 819-243-6010
Quality Hotel Anjou 8100 avenue Neuville, Anjou, H1J 2T2 99$ 514-493-6363
Comfort Inn Boucherville 96 boulevard Mortagne, Boucherville, J4B 5M7 99$ 450-641-2880
Comfort Inn Brossard 7863 boulTaschereau, Brossard, J4Y 1A4 99$ 450-678-9350
Quality Hôtel Montréal 3440 avenue du Parc, Montréal, H2X 2H5 99$ 514-849-1413
Comfort Dorval 340 avenue Michel Jasmin, Dorval, H9P 1C1 99$ 514-636-3391
Comfort Inn Laval 2055 Autt des Laurentides, Laval, H7S 1Z6 99$ 450-686-0600
Quality Suites Laval 2035 Aut des Laurentides, Laval, H7S 1Z6 99$ 450-686-6777
Quality Suites Pointe-Claire 6300 Trans-Canada Hwy, Pointe-Claire, H9R 1B9 99$ 514-426-5060
Comfort Inn Pointe-Claire 700 boulevard St-Jean, Pointe-Claire, H9R 3K2 99$ 514-697-6210
Quality Suites Québec 1600 rue Bouvier, Québec, G2K 1N8 99$ 418-622-4244
Comfort Inn Beauport 240 boul Sainte-Anne, Beauport, G1E 3L7 99$ 418-666-1226
Comfort Inn Ancienne-Lorette 1255 boulevard Duplessis, Ancienne-Lorette, G2G 2B4 99$ 418-872-5900
Comfort Inn Lévis 10 du Vallon est, Lévis, G6V 9J3 99$ 418-835-5605
Comfort Inn Sainte-Foy 7320 boul. Wilfrid-Hamel, Sainte-Foy, G2G 1C1 99$ 418-872-5038
Comfort Inn Rimouski 455 boul. St-Germain ouest, Rimouski, G5L 3P2 99$ 418-724-2500
Comfort Inn Rivière-du-Loup 85 boulevard Cartier, Rivière-du-Loup, G5R 4X4 99$ 418-867-4162
Comfort Inn Rouyn-Noranda 1295 avenue Larivière, Rouyn-Noranda, J9X 6M6 99$ 819-797-1313
Comfort Inn Sept-Iles 854 boulevard Laure, Sept-Iles, G4R 1Y7 99$ 418-968-6005
Comfort Inn Sherbrooke 4295 boulevard Bourque, Sherbrooke, J1N 1S4 99$ 819-564-4400
Comfort Inn Thetford-Mines 123 boul Frontenac Ouest, Thetford-Mines, G6G 7S7 99$ 418-338-0171
Comfort Inn Trois-Rivières 6255 rue Corbeil, Trois-Rivières, G8Z 4P9 99$ 819-371-3566
Comfort Inn Val-D’Or 1665 3ième Avenue, Val-D’Or, J9P 1V9 99$ 819-825-9360
Montréal Quality Inn 1214 rue Crescent, Montréal, H3G 2A9 99$ 514-878-2711